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The fastest route to becoming a cash game crusher.

Harness the power of our data-driven, exploitative strategies, proven across hundreds of millions of hands, to rapidly ascend from mid to high stakes in one of the world's fastest growing CFPs.
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The ultimate playbook...


Gain a deep understanding of GTO strategies and the intricate theories essential to crush the pool at any stake.

Comprehensive Guidelines

Our comprehensive guidelines offer clear and streamlined approaches for all common scenarios against different opponents, allowing you to navigate the game tree with ease. Backed by data, these guidelines reduce mental strain and decision fatigue, ensuring you always have a solid baseline strategy no matter the situation.

Clairvoyant Catching

Imagine if you had x-ray vision and could see your opponents' cards? With our catching matrices, you gain a clear view of whether the pool underbluffs or overbluffs on different textures, versus different bet sizes and early street actions. Armed with this knowledge, you'll always know exactly when to call or fold.

Targeted Bluffing

Know exactly when to unload and when to hold back, as well as pinpoint where the player pool over-folds most compared to PIO.


...against any villain...

Reg Exploits

9 years after PIO solver was released and regs are still wildly unbalanced. Discover where and how to maximally exploit them with surprisingly simple strategies.

Fish Exploits

We all know fish play terribly but most regs have no idea how to exploit them. Learn the counter-intuitive strategies to extract the most value from the next whale.

Pseudo GTO Protocols

Don't know who you're up against, or battling Linus? Our simplified pseudo GTO protocols provide a last line of defence vs any opponent.


...backed by real data.

Pool Specific Data

Whether you play at Pokerstars, Bovada or any other main poker site, discover how your pool plays with our pool-specific data sets and accompanying strategies.

Textural Exploits

Drill down into how the pool plays on certain flop, turn or river textures and discover hidden exploits to further extract value from your opponents.

Over 200 Million Hands

The Nachos playbook was created by analysing over 200 million hands. It's this analysis that powers our guidelines, catching matrices and bluffing grids. There's a special reassurance in knowing our strategies are backed by real-world data.

Regularly Updated

The meta can change over time so we always make sure to regularly update our data to identify any changes and adjust strategies accordingly.


Supported by...


The video database

All live sessions are recorded and uploaded to a database. You'll gain access to the entire archive of video content produced over the last two years which consists of over 400+ hours worth of video. With 2 - 4 hours worth of content being added each week, you'll never run out of material to study.


1-on-1 coaching

As you reach Gold status you’ll have access to book one-to-one coaching and with 8 coaches to choose from you will always have someone to turn to for help. Alongside the interactive group coaching, 1-on-1 coaching is a great way to clarify any areas of concern and improve your game.


Regular stat checks

Gain access to our proprietary stat checker which analyses your entire game and identifies leaks in an instant. Gain a clear of understand of where to focus your study for maximum EV gain.


Introducing the Head Nacho

Patrick Gerritsen

Patrick, better known as Freenachos, started playing cards when he was seventeen years old. Although he fell in love straight away, it took a long hiatus from the game, during which he got a degree in teaching, before he finally found the success he longed for for over a decade.

Over the last couple of years he played and coached for Poker Detox, after which he started his own coaching company: NachosPoker.

Today he has coached over 100 players ranging from low stakes to high stakes. His qualities are the use of Hand2Note to do mass-database analysis as well as a crisp, fundamental understanding of the game.

Patrick has documented his entire journey from playing 5NL to 2K+ on his RIO Journal blog.


Meet Our Players


Thanks to NachosPoker, I went from struggling at 100nl to dominating at 1k in under a year! They helped me  improve in every aspect of the game, not only  strategical, but also mental and logistical. Patrick is always  patient, humble, and delivers more than expected. Plus, the community is awesome!


After a terrible downswing at the end of 2023 had me falling down from 1knl to 200/500nl, I was concerned my high stakes poker dream was over. A friend recommended I join Nachos and it may have been the best decision of my career. Their resources and their support network have allowed me to excel, and I have since skyrocketed back on track for my high stakes dream, now competing at 2k and hopefully higher soon.


The strategy will anchor you in spots where you generally feel lost. The methodology NachosPoker has provided has elevated my game from a breakeven 100nl reg to dominating 1000nl. The community is supportive and always available for in-depth discussions, which has been crucial for my development. This isn’t just a training program; it’s a partnership where everyone is committed to each other's success. I highly recommend NachosPoker to anyone serious about taking their poker game to the next level.

Keven L

2021 was my first year going pro in poker, starting with a $10k bankroll and aiming to move from 200nl to 500nl. After hitting a tough stretch of 100k hands at breakeven, I decided to get data coaching from Patrick, and honestly, it changed everything. You can actually see where my losing streak ended and the coaching kicked in—my results just skyrocketed.

Combining Patrick's data-driven coaching with what I've learned from NachosPoker, I've gone from just getting by at 100nl to really crushing it at 1000nl. Both have helped simplify complex strategies and shown me how to use data to beat the games. Joining NachosPoker and working with Patrick was the best decision I've made in poker. If you're looking to really step up your game, I can't recommend them enough.



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A sneak peak at the type of content in Nachos Poker, the almanac is a free resource containing a whole host of content and regularly updated.

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Ai chatbot, personalized recommendations.


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An AI chatbot that can understand your queries

Personalized recommendations based on your preferences

Ability to explore the app and its features without any cost